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Monday, March 25, 2013

Anti-Wells Fargo Protest

On Saturday, April 6th from 12-3pm members of the community along with the Utah Valley Dream Team, and the Revolutionary Students Union will be convening  86 North University Avenue Provo, UT, to protest Wells Fargo's hypocritical marketing.

Did You Know?

Wells Fargo uses its mutual funds to invest in 3 of the largest for-profit prison companies? - Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), GEO, and Management and Training Corporation (MTC) - Which in turn spend millions lobbying for laws that detain immigrants and their families in for-profit prisons.

Meanwhile Wells Fargo is seeking to increase customers from minority groups, the focus being the Hispanic populations. This bank is trying to have it both ways by targeting minority customers while they use their money to incarcerate them. They make profit by incarcerating the same people that they are seeking out as customers!

Do not be part of the Investment to Private Prisons. Join Utah Valley Dream Team, Salt Lake Dream Team, the Revolutionary Students Union and other Utah groups as we protest and ask Wells Fargo to stop the funding of Private Prisons while courting minority customers-The majority being Hispanics

To learn more about how Wells Fargo plays a central role in the Private Prison Industry visit:

Since the release of the above report, Wells Fargo has reported a significant decrease in its investments to GEO, CCA, and MTC; however the bank is still a significant investor in and lender to Private Prisons Companies. Read more about Wells Fargo’s hypocritical actions:

Sabía Que:

¿Wells Fargo usa sus fondos de inversión colectivos para invertir en 3 de los Operadores de Prisiones Privadas más grandes del país? –Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), el Grupo GEO, y Management and Training Corporation (MTC) – Estas compañías invierten millones para pasar leyes que arrestan a inmigrantes y a sus familias en prisiones con fines de lucro.

Mientras tanto Wells Fargo busca aumentar los números de clientes de grupos de minorías, con la población Hispana siendo el enfoque. Este banco quiere sacar provecho de la situación al comercializar para tener más clientes de grupos minoritarios, mientras usa su dinero para encarcelarlos. ¡Ellos incrementan sus ganancias al encarcelar a personas a las cuales buscan como clientes!

No sea parte de las inversiones a prisiones privadas. Únase a Utah Valley Dream Team, Salt Lake Dream Team, Revolutionary Students Union y otros grupos de Utah para protesta y demandar que Wells Fargo deje de fundar Prisiones Privadas mientras cortejan a clientes minoritarios-En su mayoría Hispanos.

Para aprender más de como Wells Fargo juega un papel central en la Industria de Prisiones Privadas puede visitar:

Desde el anuncio del primer reporte que aparece arriba, Wells Fargo ha reportado una disminución en sus inversiones a GEO, CCA, y MTC; sin embargo el banco sigue siendo un inversor significante en y prestamista de las Prisiones Privadas. Aprenda sobre las Acciones Hipócritas de Wells Fargo en:

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