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the revolutionary students union
The Revolutionary Students Union is a multi-issue student organization that fights for the universal right to education, we also oppose racism, sexism, homophobia and economic inequality in our communities.

We are living in important times. Everywhere we look, there are huge economic, environmental, and political problems that require urgent solutions. Many of us want to do something to help, but the problems can feel overwhelming. What can one person do to have an impact? Where do we start?

Our generation holds tremendous power to change our world in crisis, yet many of us don't know where to

The RSU believes that change happens from the bottom up. We have chapters on four campuses across the Wasatch Front with another chapter in Toronto. The UVU RSU is proud to be the first chapter of a growing international organization. Find out more at
We are also affiliated with Students for A Democratic Society which has chapters all across the United States (

We are going to take back our schools, our communities, and our nation - and we are going to win, because millions of people are stronger than millions of dollars.
This is the fight of our life!

Join us and take a stand on important issues in our

The Constitution of the Revolutionary Students Union
of Utah Valley University

Article I. NAME
The name of this club shall be the “Revolutionary Students Union "(RSU).

The Revolutionary Student Union is a non-tendency revolutionary group. We do not believe our current systems of government, economy, and society are working for us. Moreover, we don't believe that changes to the system with fix the problem. These systems are the problem. We need to replace these systems with new systems of politics, economics, and society. To achieve this we shall:
A. Socialize. We shall begin a dialogue between ourselves and the people around us.
B. Politicize. We shall, as a community, find and decide on the political issues that are important to us.
C. Organize. We shall organizations to help communities realizes their political decisions.

Section 1. Membership in the RSU shall be open to any student. Membership shall also be open to any other eligible person up to 25% of the club membership.
Section 2. Anyone one may visit any meetings or club events. However, only club members may run for office and voting rights. Those visiting meetings or club events are not members until they formally apply for membership. So long as people attend meetings and club events whether member or not, they shall be subject to the rules of the RSU.
Section 3. All members must be revolutionary. The only requirement for “revolutionary” shall be understood as anti-capitalist.
Section 4. Three members may formally accuse another member of not being anti-capitalist. The accused member will be given up to 10 minutes to defend themselves along with anyone else wishing to defend them. After the period for defense, a vote shall be held with the determination going to a simple majority.

Section 1. All members must pay an annual membership fee of $5.00 due to a designated club officer as per the rules of UVU.
Section 2. A persons wanting membership who are not able to afford the membership fee may give service at three approved club events or activities as a substitution for the fee.
Section 1. The officers of RSU shall be the President, Vice President, and Secretary. The creation of additional officers positions (e.g. Co-President, Web Master, etc.) must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.
Section 2. Following UVU’s rules, Every officer in each officially chartered and recognized club/organization shall be a regularly enrolled student at Utah Valley University. The student serving as president of the club/organization must be a FULLTIME student enrolled and complete at least 12 credit hours.
Section 3. The duties of the President shall include:

A. Weekly meetings of the club.
B. Chairing all meetings of the club.
C. Calling emergency meetings.
D. Providing leadership to the club.
E. Working directly with the Club Advisor to ensure the club is operating within the expectations of the University.
F. Acting as the chief spokesperson of the club.
G. Establishing an effective relationship with UVU, UVUSA, and other University administrative departments.
Section 4. The duties of the Vice President shall include:

A. Assisting the President with the fulfillment of his/her duties.
B. Providing support for the development of club activities planned by the committees.
C. Working with the Secretary to establish budgets for committees which are created.

Section 5. The duties of the Secretary shall include:

A. Keeping detailed minutes of all meetings.
B. Attending the UVU club council meetings.
C. Coordinating communication about club events and activities.

Section 1. All Club Officers shall be elected before March 1 and will serve a term of May 1 - April 30. The time between elections and April 30 shall serve as a transition period for new officers.
Section 2. Officer elections will consist of the following three step process: 1. nominations, 2. elections, 3. run-off elections (if needed)

A. Nominations - Nominations will be held the meeting prior to the scheduled date of elections. Any active club member may nominate a fellow club member to any of the club officer positions. Nominations will only be accepted during the meeting prior to elections. Candidates can be nominated for more than one position and they may nominate themselves for a position if they are not nominated by another member.

B. Elections - Elections will consist of each candidate speaking for up to five minutes, followed by up to ten minutes of questions and answers from the club membership. Only active members present at the meeting shall cast a vote, and only these votes shall count toward the computation of the 50%+1 required margin for election to office. The order of elections shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary.

C. Run-Off Elections - In the event that no candidate receives at least 50%+1 of the vote of the currently active club members, a run-off election shall be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes.
Section 3. In the event that an officer is judged to be deficient in his/her duties (as decided by a agreement of the two other club officers, the advisor, or formally accused by three voting members in a meeting), he/she may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the club's membership. The Advisor shall oversee the impeachment process to ensure a fair and democratic process.

Section 1. The club shall meet at least twice per month. Dates for meetings shall be established by two voting members and agreed upon by a simple plurality of members. A listing of meeting dates shall be established by the club officers and shall be established on the RSU website.
Section 2. Only members may vote at meetings.
Section 3. Quorum to conduct business shall be at least 3 due paying members.
Section 4. In the event that an emergency meeting of the club needs to be held, the President of the club shall have the authority to call such meetings. A majority of officers must agree in advance to the emergency meeting and at least 24 hours notice must be provided to all active members by sending out both a voicemail and e-mail. Communication of emergency meetings will be the responsibility of the Secretary.
Section 5. To maintain order and civility within meetings, two members may formally accuse a person of disruption. That person may be defended by any voting member, including themselves if they are a voting member, for up to ten minutes. A vote will be taken by all voting members. Upon a simple majority, that person shall be removed from the meeting.

Section 1. All disbursements of funds must be approved by a simple majority and Advisor.
Section 2. Reimbursement for expenditures will only be accepted for members who have retained an original, itemized receipt and a description of the expense incurred.
Section 3. All financial transactions of the Club will be managed through the Utah Valley University accounting system, as stipulated by the UVU Business Office.
Section 5. Only the Club Officers and the Club Advisor shall have the ability to authorize the Club via the University's account charge system.

Section 1. Amendments may be made to this constitution at any time by a two-thirds vote of the active club membership.
Section 2. Members interested in proposing amendments to the constitution must submit the proposed amendment to the President no later than ten days before the Club's next meeting.
Section 3. The proposed amendment shall be presented via e-mail to the active club membership no later than five days before the meeting where the amendment will be debated.
Section 4. Upon receiving a two-thirds affirmative vote in favor on a constitutional amendment/revision, the President shall submit the amendment/revision in writing to the Student Activities Office for review/approval.

Article X. Committees
Section 1. To aid in administration, the club leadership may, through consensus, appoint a committee or multiple committees to tend to club business or issues.
Section 2. The club membership may also vote to form a committee through simple majority to organize on issues or club business.
Section 3. No committee shall have any executive, legislative, or financial abilities or responsibilities.
Section 4. All committees shall follow the executive will of the club leadership and the legislative will of the membership.
Section 5. As of 9/8/2011 no committee shall be created containing only one member. For a committee to be formed it must contain at least two members.